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NPORS Course List

NPC Training can provide both NPORS novice and experienced operator training and testing at our Park Farm Training Centre or at our client’s sites and premises, please find below a list of popular categories, others are available upon request:

  • Agricultural Tractor (Category code N601).
  • Abrasive Wheels- Hand Held Petrol Driven Cut off Saw (Category code N017).
  • Abrasive Wheels (Category code N301).
  • Cable Avoidance Tools (Category code N304).
  • Excavator 180 ̊ or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N201).
  • Excavator 360 ̊ or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N202).
  • Excavator as a Crane (Category code N100).
  • Excavator Micro ( upto 1 M) or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N016).
  • Forward Tipping mini Dumper (Category code N139).
  • Forward Tipping Dumper (Category code N204).
  • Gritter & Snowplough (Category code N802).
  • Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck(Category code N001).
  • Industrial Telescopic Handler (Category code N011).
  • Loading Shovel or (3&3 Dispensation)(Category code N209)
  • Lorry Loader (HIAB) or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N107).
  • Material Re- Handler 360 ̊ (Category code N722).
  • MEWP Boom (Category code N108).
  • MEWP Scissor Lift (Category code N109).
  • Plant Mover (Category code N132).
  • Plant Machinery Marshall (Category code N133).
  • Quick Hitch Awareness (Category code N726).
  • Remote Control Tower Crane (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N115).
  • Rough Terrain Lift Truck (Category code N009).
  • Safety at Street & Road Works (Category code N714).
  • Safety Awareness (Category code S001).
  • Skidsteer Loader or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N212).
  • Slinger/Signaller (Category code N402).
  • Telescopic Handler- Suspended Loads (Category code N138).
  • Telescopic Handler (Category code N010).
  • Industrial Telescopic Handler (Category code N10A).
  • Vehicle Marshall (Category code N403).

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NPC Training | NPORS Driver Training Teesside and Nationwide UK
NPC Training | NPORS Driver Training Teesside and Nationwide UK