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NPORS Course List

NPC Training can provide both NPORS novice and experienced operator training and testing at our client’s sites and premises, please find below a list of popular categories, others are available upon request:

  • Agricultural Tractor (Category code N601).
  • Abrasive Wheels- Hand Held Petrol Driven Cut off Saw (Category code N017).
  • Abrasive Wheels (Category code N301).
  • Cable Avoidance Tools (Category code N304).
  • Excavator 180 ̊ or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N201).
  • Excavator 360 ̊ or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N202).
  • Excavator as a Crane (Category code N100).
  • Excavator Micro ( upto 1 M) or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N016).
  • Forward Tipping mini Dumper (Category code N139).
  • Forward Tipping Dumper (Category code N204).
  • Gritter & Snowplough (Category code N802).
  • Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck(Category code N001).
  • Industrial Telescopic Handler (Category code N011).
  • Loading Shovel or (3&3 Dispensation)(Category code N209)
  • Lorry Loader (HIAB) or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N107).
  • Material Re- Handler 360 ̊ (Category code N722).
  • MEWP Boom (Category code N108).
  • MEWP Scissor Lift (Category code N109).
  • Plant Mover (Category code N132).
  • Plant Machinery Marshall (Category code N133).
  • Quick Hitch Awareness (Category code N726).
  • Remote Control Tower Crane (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N115).
  • Rough Terrain Lift Truck (Category code N009).
  • Safety at Street & Road Works (Category code N714).
  • Safety Awareness (Category code S001).
  • Skidsteer Loader or (3&3 Dispensation) (Category code N212).
  • Slinger/Signaller (Category code N402).
  • Telescopic Handler- Suspended Loads (Category code N138).
  • Telescopic Handler (Category code N010).
  • Industrial Telescopic Handler (Category code N10A).
  • Vehicle Marshall (Category code N403).

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NPC Training | NPORS Driver Training Teesside and Nationwide UK
NPC Training | NPORS Driver Training Teesside and Nationwide UK