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CPCS Plant Training & Testing

NPC Training are CITB accredited and offer high quality CPCS Training and Testing.

We offer training courses for both Novice and Experienced Candidates on our purpose built Technical Test Centre in Guisborough.



Categories include: 

A09 Forward Tipping Dumper                                                    A10 Excavator 180 below 5 Tonne 

A12 Excavator 180 Above 5 Tonne                                            A17 Telescopic Handler 

A31 Ride On Roller                                                                     A40 Slinger/Signaller 

A56 Articulated Dump Truck                                                       A58 Excavator 360 Below 10 Tonne 

A59 Excavator 360 Above 10 Tonne

Other Categories are available, please Contact Us for further details


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